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***Wednesday night classes will be held at Ecole Publique Helene Gravel - 1412 Stephen Street, Sudbury***

If you have never experienced rhythmic gymnastics,
join us for a free class before you register.Experience Gymnastics


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Sampo Rhythmic Gymnastics Club has a long tradition of excellence in rhythmic gymnastics. For nearly fifty years, gymnasts have been involved in a variety of community, provincial, national and international events.

Sampo Rhythmic Gymnastics Club grew out of the Sampo Athletics Club, a Finnish-based sports club established in 1951 which operated out of Sampo Hall.  Built in 1935, Sampo Hall originally formed the base for a multi-sport facility.  Its members went on to achieve sporting honours in skiing, track and field, boxing and rhythmic gymnastics. However, over time, the other sports declined in popularity while rhythmics continued to grow into a prominent sport in the Sudbury community.

In the early 1960s, under the direction of Maija Ceming, the popularity of Rhythmic Gymnastics began to grow. With the sale of Sampo Hall in 1994, Sampo's gymnastics classes were moved to local school gymnasiums. The Club continues to offer its programs for girls and women of all ages and levels of ability in local school gyms. Certified coaches provide instruction. Sampo gymnasts perform locally, nationally and internationally

Sampo Rythmic Gymnastics

RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS is a sport in which girls and women can develop total body fitness including strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. Rhythmic gymnastics combines the grace of ballet, the athleticism of artistic gymnastics and the creative movement of dance while incorporating various apparatus such as ribbons, balls, hoops, ropes, scarves and clubs, all done to music.  Each movement rhythmically follows and interprets the music.

Sampo Rhythmic Gymnastics Club is a volunteer based, non-profit organization.